Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Meet the House Guests!

Meet the House Guests

  • Brian (27) - Before becoming involved in a number of projects in the San Francisco area, Brian served in the Air Force for six years; he was an F-16 crew chief and was then honorably discharged.
  • Angie - (29) Currently living in Orlando Florida, Angie is a smart and sexy divorcee, Korean-American tomboy.
  • Memphis - (25) I had a feeling Memphis would be an L.A. boy, although he actually is from the state of Tennessee. This feller really likes to mix things up!
  • April - (30) She claims to do well in a "man's world" but will her OCD drive the rest of the house crazy?
  • Ollie - (27) Will this Minneapolis son of a preacher stay true to the values he was taught as a child?
  • Michelle - (28) A Cumberland, Rhode Island native and realtor, Michelle is an animal-lover, will she grow teary-eyed missing her beloved pets at home?
  • Jerry - (75) No doubt will be at the butt end of "Grandpa" jokes, the Magnolia, Texas great-grandfather is a true Big Brother enthusiast since the series began.
  • Libra - (31) This Texas gal is an avid Obama supporter living in the center of Bush Country. A wife and mother of three, Libra recently gave birth to twins, one black and one white.
  • Steven - (35) - A true-blue cowboy and rodeo competitor, Steven currently lives, where else, but Texas!
  • Renny - (53) This married redhead New Orleans beauty salon owner and socialite claims to be the life of the party.
  • Dan - (24) is a Catholic school teacher from Dearborn Michigan. He is NOT a fan of liberals.... Dan.... meet Libra the liberal!
  • Keesha - (29) - The Big Brother House wouldn't be complete without the California blonde bombshell. She works at Hooters while pursuing a modeling career.
  • Jessie - (22) A body-builder, Jessie is an all-American boy. Once upon a time he was a train conductor. Jessie currently lives at Huntington Beach, California.

WELCOME - (Again)

Here we are again, ready for another summer of drama in the Big Brother House.

After my own house drama began mid-season of BB9, causing me to withdraw from blogging for a time, I am really looking forward to Big Brother 10.

With only a few days before the doors to the house open for the public, join me here at Your Big Brother, where I will begin posting, all you need to know about the 10th season of the popular reality show.


Monday, March 10, 2008